§ 1

Pineapple Grzegorz Bandura, operating under the Pineapple Media brand in accordance with applicable regulations, respects the full right to privacy of all customers on the website and gives the opportunity to choose to share all information that ; re They concern. also cares about the protection of all personal data of the customer on the website. The personal data of our clients are processed in accordance with the regulations in force in Poland and the regulations of the European Union. Before using the website and signing the Agreement, please read the privacy policy carefully.

§ 2

The main administrator of the client's personal data in the provision of our international services is Pineapple Grzegorz Bandura with its seat in Kielce, which is used by the client.

§ 3

During registration, the Customer, in order to use the services provided by the company, provides all the information contained in the registration form.

§ 4

We process data collected during the Customer's activity on the website, including: visited pages and places, time of visit in a given place, clicks, method of using services (e.g. purchase histories, searching for products on the website) including location. The processing of the data described above by the Pineapple Media brand is necessary for the efficient and proper operation of the website and for the registration of all processes in which the customer performs.

§ 5

Pineapple Media also stores all information regarding the Customer's login, i.e. registration date, login date, password change and browser type.

§ 6

Pineapple Media uses cookies to manage customer sessions, store the choice of language preferences and customize relevant ads. Cookies are text files sent by the web server to the hard drive of the device used by the Customer. Cookies used to collect information about the date of the Customer's visit, browsing history, and the Customer's name. The customer can freely make changes in the browser settings by refusing some or all cookies.

§ 7

Customer data is kept by Pineapple Media for the entire period of the Customer's account on the website. As soon as the customer deletes his account, all data he has on the business will be deleted.

§ 8

The operator obtains data only from adult clients. If it turns out that a person under 18 has sent their personal data to the website, they will be deleted immediately.

§ 9

Pineapple Media may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. If, via the website, the Customer enters one of such link, he must remember that each party has its own privacy policy.

§ 10

The website contacts the Client by means of: telephone conversation, email, SMS or via notifications available on the website.

§ 11

The operator undertakes to transfer the Client's personal data to law enforcement authorities, supervisory bodies, public authorities, entities performing public tasks or acting on behalf of public authorities and other third parties. The disclosure of such data takes place in connection with the performance of legal obligations. In the event of a breach of the contract and regulations by the Customer and exposure to additional costs, the owners of the website may transfer the collected personal data to the appropriate public authorities.

§ 12

If the customer has given consent to the processing of his personal data, he has the right to withdraw it at any time, but the service may withdraw from the contract in the meantime and not accept orders for a vehicle to be auctioned at an auction. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the compliance of the processing of data that was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

§ 13

The customer can communicate with the website using the chat function on the website, messages via the fanpage on the Instagram portal, e-mail messages, telephone communication. In case of contact, we collect the message content and the information you provide.

§ 14

The privacy policy may be changed and updated on an ongoing basis by the website . The customer will be informed by e-mail, and any changes will be posted on the website in the tab: Privacy Policy .

§ 15

If you have any questions about the privacy policy as well as other issues related to maintaining an account on the website , please contact us using the Contact Form .